Luxury sea designs, innovates, and manufactures for you the boats of today and tomorrow.

A new generation of aluminum boats with exceptional performance and strength
combining beauty, power, lightness, security and longevity for an economic and sustainable solution and for a real need of ecology.
Our hybrid electric, solar or 100% electric technologies make it possible to reduce your fuel budget and CO2 emissions, for an economical and ecological navigation according to the type of boats and navigation program.

We realize your dream according to your desires and your navigation program.
Each person is unique, so must your boat.


"Our range has been designed to offer you an intense life, which meets your desires for experiences and thrills.
A life made of authentic moments, poles apart conventions, to make each moment an unforgettable moment. "

Angi Le Floch


Our core value is passion about the boats we produce.

All of our models are, and will continue to be, hand-made and custom-made, using high-tech processes.

At the cutting edge of contemporary manufacturing, every boat produced embodies the design and excellence of engineering.

With the promise of a radical innovation.

A LUXURY boat combines four important elements: power, beauty, innovation, ecology.

Luxury Sea is pleased to present you its range of innovative boats fully designed and manufactured in France, more precisely in Brittany, for the pleasure of boaters and boating professionals.