LS Fusion  - A user-friendly open for all budgets.

We have developed boats for you adapted to budget and your program.

The LS Fusion is a unique, stable, lightweight boat with a road gauge and ultra-resistant with its armour.

Performance and comfort, dynamism and efficiency, safety, stability, sea holding and manoeuvrability.

An extensible seat that allows you, without compromise, to live your leisure or to practice your favorite sports, ideal for your daily life.

From 23 855,00 € H.T

Main Size

Length of hull 5.90 to 6.90 m

Hull width 2.30 to 2.5 m

Draft 0.3 m

Weight approx. 750 kg

Max crew. 6 Pers.

Mercury engine

Power of 10 to 50 HP

Max Speed 30 Kn

CE-Norm Cat. C 6


Fuel tank 50 Liters

Standard equipment.


Aluminum cleats, LED navigation lights, retractable bath ladder, seat and retractable table table table, sun bath.

Hull: high quality aluminium construction, structure developed for maximum rigidity and minimum weight, autovider.

Armor Body coating: high strength ballistic paint unequalled for your boat.

Sounders, tracers Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3, SonicHub Marine Audio Bluetooth.

Lithium-ion battery: Lithium batteries can be discharged almost completely (up to 90%) without degrading with more than 2000 cycles.

Less volume and weight - 1/3 lead battery.

Outboard 10-50 hp engine.

Insulation and insubmersibility by injection of high end closed cell foam.



Any modification on request.