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LS Fusion

LS Fusion Salon extensible.jpg

A new version lightening the "LS Intensity" adapted to all budgets.

A clean, light, resistant, comfortable and safe open for your leisure and family walks.

Available from 5,90 to 6,90 m.

Engines from 10 to 100 hp

Price H.T : 28 666 € with 50 EFI Mercury

LS Fusion Salon extensible 10.jpg

LS Frontier

LS Frontier Fishing 19.png

A unique outboard fishing that knows how to be noticed and out of the ordinary.

This open fits many programs alternating fishing, water sports and coastal walks. It offers maximum space for easy traffic.


Available in 5.80 m and 6.80 m.


LS Frontier Sport

LS Frontier Sport 25.png

An open sport outboard or hydrojet for water sports.

Suitable for various sailing programs such as fishing, diving, transportation, ballads and water sports of all kinds.


Available from 7.50 to 10.50 m.

LSx750 up view_edited.jpg

LS Severance

LS Severance 29 .png

The ultimate day cruiser the most racy sports boat LUXURY ever produced.

Available from 7.75 m to 12.75 m.

Copie de 5171465_0a351e2726_m.jpeg

LS Patrol Fishing


A unique trimaran boat developed for sport fishing.

Available from 8,80 m to 12,80 m.


LS Vanguard

LS Vanguard 40 logo.png

A hybrid electric solar revolution.

Reinvent the pleasure of sailing, without constraint, in complete safety with this revolutionary 40 '' electric hybrid OPEN.

Hybride LS Vanguard.png

LS Escape 11


A solar hybrid hybrid solar / sea hybrid studio goes everywhere.

Its width of 4 meters allows the passage in the smaller channels and able to navigate in coastal, a studio ideal for 2 to 6 people.


Available in 11 m and 12,50 m.


LS Escape 15


An autonomous sea / fluvial solar hybrid loft with generous spaces

A loft for 2 people any comfort.


LS Escape 15 High Space


A hybrid catamaran sea / fluvial solar for 8 people all comforts enjoying large spaces of lives.

A real dwelling house for 8 people all comforts enjoying large spaces of lives.


LS Adventur


The hybrid electric solar catamaran of the seas of the globe.

A real off-roader, it was designed to go where no adventurer has ever been, with all the comfort and eco-performance that can be demanded from an avant-garde boat.


LS Solar Green Yacht 

LS Esperance solar 01.jpg

The only transatlantic hybrid solar multi-energy yacht in the world.

The LS Solar Green Yacht 78 is to maintain a privileged relationship with the sea in a harmonious, silent, bright, luxurious, spacious, reliable and secure in total autonomy without any environmental impact.

LS Esperance solar 15 mod.jpg

LS Solar Sea View Hybrid

Solar Passengers Sea View 09.jpg

Multi-energy solar hybrid glass bottom catamaran.

LS Solar Sea View Hybrid, quiet, bright, luxurious, spacious, reliable and secure in total autonomy without any environmental impact.

Solar Passengers Sea View 02.jpg

LS Cruiser 130

LS monocat 30_edited.jpg

hybrid trimaran Multi-Energy.



LS Revelation

LS Revelation 200.png

Maxi Yacht hybrid trimaran.

A YACHT dream, which is also perfect for daily navigation.


LS Secure


Le bateau hybride écologique du futur.

An exploration and exploitation vessel worthy of the name must also be discreet when approaching large open spaces.


Longliner - Senner - trawler - Fileyer - Freight - Shuttles - Yacht - Oceanographic.

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